Beautiful Smiles.

Teeth Cleaning

The foundation for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile is clean teeth. We focus on providing a thorough cleaning, using modern technology in the form of ultrasonic cleaners  — leaving your teeth with that wonderful clean teeth feeling.

What to Expect

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Regular Teeth Cleaning

After your gum health has been evaluated we will talk to you about what type of teeth cleaning you need. If you gum tissue is healthy with minimal plaque build-up we will prescribe a regular cleaning for you. If your gum tissue is moderately inflamed with a more moderate level of build-up we will prescribe a restorative, or two part, or deep cleaning, to ensure that we remove all the build-up to get your gums back to a healthy state.

More Services

Teeth Cleaning

The foundation for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile is clean teeth.


The foundation of a dental health plan begins with a thorough exam and quality images of your mouth.


We do a comprehensive exam before discussing your goals.

Periodontal Treatment

Being accurately diagnosed and treated for periodontal disease is the first step in getting your oral health on track.

Porcelain Veneers

With porcelain veneers you can change gaps, chips or permanently stained teeth without any invasive treatment.

Teeth Whitening

To safely achieve a beautiful white smile that lasts, leave it up to the professionals.

Composite Veneers

Using a thin layer of composite bonding on your front teeth, they provide a seamless, beautiful smile.


Having beautifully straight teeth is simple with Clear Aligner Therapy.

Crown & Bridge

Crown and bridge techniques provide strong stability to the tooth and restore them.

Root Canals

We’re able to save your tooth, instead of losing it.


Dental implants serve as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth.

Dental Fillings

 Fillings prevent cavities from worsening – helping you avoid pain

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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Dan Duffy, DMD

Dr. Dan Duffy is a native of Point Pleasant, NJ. After completing undergraduate studies at East Carolina University (Greenville, NC), he entered ECU's School of Dental Medicine, receiving a Doctorate of Dental Medicine in 2016.