Patient Experience

New Patient Flow

What to Expect

What to expect on your visits.

  • Check-in

    Check-in at Front Desk with Natalie & enjoy Hot/Cold beverages in our waiting area

  • Take the Office Tour

    Receive an Office Tour as our Hygienist or Assistant brings you to the back

  • We will Review your history

    Complete and Thorough review of Medical/Dental History for safety

  • Complete Diagnostic Records, including:
    • Full Mouth Series of X-rays
    • Panoramic X-ray
    • Photos in the mouth of each individual tooth
    • Teeth Photos outside the mouth to see the big picture
    • Periodontal Charting to confirm gum health
    • Dental charting to confirm existing dental work
  • Dental Cleaning (if Periodontal Charting confirms healthy gums)
  • Comprehensive Exam With Dr Duffy, including:
    • Radiographic Exam for cavities between teeth
    • TMJ exam to ensure no TMD due to grinding or muscle/joint issues
    • Head/Neck/Oral exam for signs of oral cancer including Airway Exam
    • Analysis of the way your teeth come together (occlusion)
    • Review of Periodontal charting to determine gum health

  • Full Review of Exam Findings with Dr. Duffy and Team Member
    • If needed, this may be a separate, free consultation with several options presented
    • Complimentary Insurance Benefits Review and Treatment plan review with financial coordinator
    • Scheduling of any needed work, or hopefully just your next cleaning!